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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tesco Sheet = Lovely New Dress

Having made a dress from this great tutorial over on craftster, i decided to make a similar dress by modifying it a bit. I took the basis for making the bottom and doing the measurements for the top, and made the top so that it had straps over the shoulders.

As it was my first attempt at drawing up my own pattern, things were bound to go wrong...and they did. I completely forgot about seam allowance and ended up with a tiny bodice. In order to fix this, I have added in panels at the back (I luckily noticed before I'd fitted the zip). These panels actually add to the effect of the top, so I'm pretty pleased it worked out that way.

Here's a picture of it on a hanger:

And one of me wearing it to get the effect of the bodice:
As the material came from a duvet cover, there's absolutely loads of it left. At present I'm making up a skirt out of some of the remainder (again from my own design, so who knows how it will turn out). I'll post up pictures once it's done.

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